We bring you the exotic flavours of global cuisines so you can put them on your table.

With Global Organics we’ll take your taste buds on a trip around the globe, from Italian vine ripened tomatoes to rich Canadian Maple Syrup to sweet Sri Lankan coconut, and that’s just the start.

With a desire to provide you with a range of organic and nutritious foods, our range of premium ingredients make great additions to your favourite dishes.

With Global Organics vast range we’ll have you cooking up a global storm in no time.


Kadac was Australia’s first dedicated distributor of organic, natural and health products when the concept of organic foods was still in its infancy. Established in Melbourne in 1973, we believe and devote ourselves to providing a better, cleaner lifestyle.

Grounding ourselves in the principles of health, nutrition and well-being, we have shared this with everyday people for almost half a century, evolving over time to create a full range of products for every household.

Organic products make up close to 50% of our entire product range, with ingredients sourced from selected farms and manufacturers that fit the Australian Certified Organic Standards. Our “Key to Good Health”, reinforces our philosophy of authenticity through transparency in labelling and educating consumers in navigating through the growing number of claims seen on packaging.

Kadac: naturally better for you